"David vs. Goliath"

"David vs. Goliath"

(Lynchburg, Virginia) In the development of our inaugural edition of Shaped Magazine, we raise a glass to Danny Marshall, owner of DE. Marshall Photography.

In doing so, we salute a group of unique people he represents... the small business owner. Those who are willing to risk everything to create something meaningful and beneficial. The small business owner is the first one to roll up their sleeves and the last one to put up their feet. They manage to keep their eyes on the prize despite always keeping their nose to the grindstone. They bypass the countless ways their business will not work to carve out the path where it does.

The small business owner is a true provider: providing a life for their family. providing jobs for their employees, and providing a service to the community. So, join us in this salute to Danny and to all small business owners who are undaunted in the face of "David vs. Goliath" odds.


- Ken

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